How to Lose Weight Fast and Forever

May 14, 2021 / by Andy Eversole / Health


Beautiful Simplicity

As you get older, something strange happens. You begin to realize that gaining weight is easy, and losing it becomes harder. Our bodies change over time, and we just generally get less active as we get older. That’s why it is incredibly important to take as good care of your body as possible, especially if you are starting to get up in the years. 


The good news is, successful health changes are very simple. A healthy diet and daily exercise will lead you to exactly where you want to be. By now, we all know what we should be doing to be in great shape, we just don’t do it.



That’s mainly because we haven’t made the final decision to put health at the top of our priority list. The often missing, yet most important part of any diet is the mental aspect. The power and definiteness of your decision will make or break your success. This is often the deciding factor between someone who continues through life healthy and strong, and someone who falls back on old habits and remains overweight and unhealthy.


It’s not enough to lose weight fast. We want to keep it off, and maintain a vital and energetic lifestyle. Below are the top 3 aspects to doing this. All of these are covered in depth in my 30-Day weight loss hypnosis program Feel Great Lose Weight. I highly recommend that program if you are truly ready to take the next step in your health!



#1. Mental Clairity

Everything begins in the mind first. Look around you. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, first began as an idea. That chair, desk, book, or technology device, was all a thought first before it became an actual thing

The same is true for your health. If you are overweight now, or in an unhealthy place, your mentality is your most important asset. You have to change the images, dialogue, and beliefs in your subconscious mind to lead you in the direction you want to go. See first the destination, then the path will reveal itself.


Visualize yourself happy, strong, and healthy, enjoying all the benefits of living life this way. Feel all of the amazing sensations and feelings of joy, excitement, strength, and happiness. Then, make your decision. Etch it in stone in your mind. THIS is who you are. Not what you are today, but the person you see in your mind. That is the true you. When you make that decision and see those results clearly, nothing can stop you.



#2. Clean Diet

After clearing your mind, the next most important step in losing weight is clearing your diet. What you put into your body is the fuel with which you feed your soul. Be very picky about what you feed your soul.


In the US it’s not that easy to eat well. Everywhere you go, there is fast food, sugary sweets, and fried finger foods calling your name. It takes some resolve and discipline to not fall prey to these temptations.


But we also have incredible access to delicious organic foods. And once you’ve made up your mind that this is your new reality, these are the foods that begin calling your name. Fresh fruits, vegetables, salads, and proteins. Organic meats that were locally grown. Lots of fresh clean filtered water. Smoothies, Green juices, properly combined dinners that are created for your body to get the best, most efficient energy from what you consume. This is the way forward with an amazing diet that will fill your body with incredible vitamins and nutrients.


The thing about eating a clean diet is, once you get used to it, then it becomes difficult to deviate. If you have a fried food or fast food burger, you are much more aware of the chemical flavors you find in it, and you can feel the effect it has on your body and mind much more powerfully. This makes a great incentive to get back to your path of eating a clean diet.


#3. Move Your Body

Move it or lose it. This should be your mantra. Commit yourself to daily exercise, no matter how small, and you will see continual improvement in your health. Walk, jog, stretch, lift, play…There are so many ways to get your exercise and have fun doing it.


The best part is, once you start exercising, your body begins to crave it. Soon, it becomes easier to move your body than not. And that is when you know your subconscious mind is working on your behalf. So just start. That is the most crucial step. Once you get some momentum, you will be carried along by the wind at your back.


I hope this helps clear some things up for you. We often get overwhelmed with all of the information out there about this or that diet. But the truth is, it’s really very simple. Get focused in your mind, eat a clean diet, and get your body moving. With these three elements combined, it’s impossible not to see incredible improvements in your health.


If you’re ready to take this path today, then get started on my 30-day Feel Great Lose Weight program. I make it super easy for you by giving you hypnosis recordings for your mind, a 30-day menu guide for your diet, and some simple exercises to get your body moving. Join a fast growing and world-changing community and shape your future for the better. START TODAY!

Enjoy the Ride!


Andy Eversole, C.H.


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